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Xamarin Mobile App Development

QueenyApp has evolved it's mobile services over the past five years on Xamarin platform and made them modular and incremental to deliver high value.

Usability Engineers

User Experience is Everything. We pair breathtaking design with handsome functionality. The Result? A mobile experience that your target audience loves. We’re inspired by simple intuitive design that leaves users knowing exactly what happens next in your app’s story…

Why Us

We can turn your idea into a success with QueeyApp's expertise in strategy, funding, marketing & execution.


Our Software Development Services:

Multi Platform App Development

We are a full service app development studio. We provide app strategy, user interface & visual design, app engineering and QA, and product management.

HTML5 Development

Render innovative and highly interactive HTML5 mobile applications for various industry verticals encompassing qualitative solutions with rich features, elevated performance and latest technology trends that compliments your business insights.

Web Application Development

With more than 10 years' experience in designing, developing and supporting over 50 web applications, QueenyApp has the credibility and expertise to deliver on your most ambitious and complex web projects.


TMS & Mobile POD

A transportation management system (TMS) helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively.

Hotel Booking System (Coming Soon)

Queeny is an easy-to-use hotel booking system for all types of accommodation and hotel operations.

Our objective is to offer a simple hotel software at a low price, which fills the needs of small and medium-sized hotels and similar businesses.

With Queeny you can receive hotel reservations online, but most of all, it simplifies your daily administration.
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Online Store Solution

Easily create your web online store with our ecommerce platform with custom iOS & Android Apps
Demo Store Layout

Payroll System

Qpayroll is an easy online payroll system. Our web based service will keep your business compliant with the minimum effort and no software downloads.
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Mobile Apps

We’ve made app of all kinds, ideas of any size, big or small, and have worked with a slew of different startup and enterprise clients.

What people says

  • "Queenyapp為我們開發的Sales App已在內部deploy了百多個用户, 效果很好"
  • "自Queenyapp成為我們xamarin的顧問,在短時間內開發部已有能力成完二個APP了"
  • "QueenyApp is a great team of real, honest, trust able people."
    Johnny Chan
  • "A company can make good apps when they develop solely for money. A company will make great apps when they have a passion and purpose to do so. QueenyApp falls in the latter category."
  • "準時起貨, 合作過程中十分用心, POD system 由 deploy 到現在都沒發生過任何問題"
    JSI logistics

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